The Summer “I” League was formed to provide teams from Illinois and Indiana the opportunity to play competitive and highly competitive teams but not have to travel all over the midwest to get some quality summer games.  The Summer “I” league will help prepare your team/club for the Competitve Fall Season by playing a short 4-5 game season over a 6 week period of time.

In order for each team and player to participate the following forms MUST be provided.  There are no exceptions, forms can either be downloaded in our system or brought 1 hour prior your 1st game. 

  1. IYSA Medical Release Form
  2. IYSA Covid Release Form
  3. CISL Waiver
  4. Got Soccer Roster–This will be your player card and we will use this to check in ALL players prior to each game.  Pictures must be provided and entered in Got Soccer.
    1. Players will check in EVERY game with the field marshall.  Players will check in 15 minutes prior to game time.  A field Marshall will be located at your field and will check in ALL Players prior to starting the game

All Coaches must take the concussion test.

Click here to take the test